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What our friends and members say about us!

“The senior masters and representatives of Tae Kwon Do International have strived to ensure that their teachings have not strayed from the original path that I and my fellow pioneers paved all those years ago at Tae Kwon Do’s inception”…….. Grandmaster C.K. Choi -

(an original pioneer of Tae Kwon-Do)

“Thanks for helping me achieve my black-belt, you’re worth your weight in gold” …………. Russell, Lincoln

“I feel the degree of understanding, technical ability and commitment to the clubs they run and their students is unmatched anywhere I have trained worldwide. Top marks to both number one Instructors for me bar none.” A. Thompson, Lincoln

“ The ability to train together as a family makes it easier as there are no problems in trying to arrange childcare”……… T. Bean, Grantham

“Thank you for helping me reach my potential in Tae Kwon-Do over the past 7 years. I know the skills I have learnt will benefit me throughout my life. Many thanks for your support.” …………….. Shannon, Sleaford

“When we moved to the area and my son started his new school, we had confidence issues, which led to him not wanting to attend. In desperation we contacted the local Tae Kwon-Do club Instructors and we haven’t looked back. He gained his black-belt and has now moved on to the High School with new friends he met at the local club.”  …………….A very grateful mum - Melton

Ask a hundred Tae Kwon-Do black-belts why they started training and they will all give different answers and the main reasons people give for starting in the first place are always very different from the reasons they decided to continue to train.

Films, television and video games have certainly had an influence on the whole world of martial arts, but a visit to the Tae Kwon-Do dojang (training hall) will demonstrate that there is more to training than “fighting”

Before deciding whether to step into the training hall most people  have the same questions and concerns …..below are FAQ’S but, after reading through, if you still cannot find the answer, please contact us and speak direct with one of our dedicated team.

Q: What is Tae Kwon-Do?

    A military martial art with over a 2,000 year history. It has evolved

    into an art, an Olympic sport and a beneficial way of life for everyone.

Q: What makes Tae Kwon-Do different to other martial arts?

    Each style of martial arts is different and there are many styles to chose from.

     If you are not sure do a bit of research, watch the classes and compare styles     

   and systems. Tae Kwon-Do has certainly increased in popularity in the last     decade and is enjoyed by people of all ages throughout the world.


Q: How would learning Tae Kwon-Do benefit me?

    Apart from acquiring the techniques of an effective and practical form of

    self-defence, from the very first lesson you will develop a whole new

   range of skills, the benefits of which could fill an entire book.

Q: Before I start, how can I find out more about Tae Kwon-Do?

    Books, DVD’s. Google and the Internet all offer advice and

    information on the art, but a trip to the club on a training night

    would be the best place  to start. You can watch a class in action,

    with NO OBLIGATION TO JOIN, meet and chat with club members and

    speak personally to the club Instructor.

Q: Is Tae Kwon-Do suitable for young children?

    Tae Kwon-Do is a popular method of instilling confidence into

    children and at the same time emphasises the importance of

    respect and discipline, not forgetting, of course, the best type of

    learning happens when a lesson is fun!


Q:  What is the joining age for children?

      We take children from age 5 years into our “Tigers class” and age

      7 years (or at the discretion of the Instructor )  into our family


Q: Is Tae Kwon-Do good for losing weight?

    Tae Kwon-Do as a regular form of exercise, together with a

     sensible balanced diet, is a fantastic way of improving fitness

    and flexibility levels.

Q: I would love to learn some self-defence, but as a female, I’m concerned

   that if I joined I would be the only female in a group?

    Tae Kwon-Do is without doubt a superb form of self-defence and it is no

    longer seen as a “male only” activity. Over the years an increasing number

    of women have been attracted to Tae Kwon-Do because it is safe, practical

   and most of all enjoyable. We do offer “Ladies Only” classes in a few of our

   schools, but the membership of our adult and family classes will include a lot

   of ladies. We also have female qualified coaches who have been in the sport

   for decades.


Q:  Am I likely to get hurt practicing Tae Kwon-Do?

     The safety of all our members is the most important priority in our

     teaching methods. All our Instructors are qualified and experienced to teach

     and follow a nationally recognised, approved syllabus.


Q:  My friend recommended Tae Kwon-Do to me, but I’ve never practiced

      martial arts before. How do I know Tae Kwon-Do will suit me?

      A lot of people have preconceived ideas of what training involves.  It is best

     to try it for yourself and find out firsthand.


Q:  We would like to join as a family, would we all be able to train at the

      same time?

     Our family classes offer the opportunity for family groups to all train at the

     same time, but these classes are very popular, so we do suggest that you       contact us as soon as possible (and in advance) for up to date information on       space availability.


Q:  My child is being bullied at school. How would learning Tae Kwon-Do help?

     There is no better satisfaction than when you have the confidence to say

     ”NO”, or find you are able to stand up for yourself, a friend or even sometimes        a complete stranger. All students receive full support to overcome these types

     of situations and changes can be observed even after a few weeks of




Q: I would like my children to become more confident but I’m concerned

     that learning a martial art could also make them aggressive?

     Although th child’s syllabus does cover self-defence, stranger danger and

     important bullying issues we encourage children to think how their actions

     effect others and “HOW AND WHY NOT TO HIT”  teaching reasonable force

     and offering choices when it comes to self-defence.


Q: I’m “not as  young as I use to be!” Would I be the only “mature student”

     in the class?

    The increasing appeal of Tae Kwon-Do is that with no upper age

    limit, or discrimination of the sexes, people from all walks of life

    are drawn to training as it has something for everyone.


Q: My children really want to join, but I’ve seen Tae Kwon-Do in martial

   arts films and I worry that they are going to get hurt?

   If children are going to imitate their TV hero's then why not let them be

   guided by a qualified, patient Tae Kwon-Do Instructor. Children are encouraged

   to practice the flying kicks and all the other fascinating moves they see in the     films, but good rules of behaviour in class are enforced and a code of conduct

    is issued to all students within the first few weeks.

Q:  What style of Tae Kwon-Do do you teach?

     The TAGB syllabus follows the ITF style of Tae Kwon-Do

Q: Can I come on my own?

   In addition to training the club is a friendly social setting. 75 % of students start     on their own and go on to make new friends. People of all ages  and walks of

    life are attracted to Tae Kwon-Do with the common purpose to learn self-defence,

    to exercise and to have fun.

Q: I would like to join, with my family, but we are re-locating to a new part   

   of  the U.K. in the next few months?

    No problem, we have a lot of members who travel, both in the U.K. and

    abroad. With 24,000 members and over 500 clubs throughout the UK the

    chances are you would be able to find a TAGB school in your area.

Q: I use to train many years ago and would like to return to training. Would

     I be expected to remember everything and be at the same fitness


   The T.A.G.B. does have guidelines for returning students and this mostly

    depends on how long ago you trained. You would not be expected to

   return and remember everything clearly. Your Instructor would be able to

   offer sensible advise and guidance on a one to one basis.

Q: Do I have to fight, or learn to throw people?

   No, we do not throw in Tae Kwon-Do. In fact, the only time you make contact

   with a partner would be if  practicing getting out of a grip or hold (Self-Defence)

Q: Do you have to compete in competitions?

    No, competitions are optional, but our Instructors do have a wealth of

     competition knowledge and are former champions themselves.


Q: Who will I be taught by?

    All our clubs are taught by resident, qualified, experienced Instructors who

    supervise and lead the class at all times.

Q: Would I be expected to kick high, or break things?

    All our classes are built around the students, not the other way round.

    Tae Kwon-Do is certainly known for it’s fascinating and extremely acrobatic

   kicks and moves as seen on TV, but training is a personal journey and not     everyone wants this kind of action!  The syllabus is so vast that alternative

   challenges can be provided by the Instructors.  Students normally begin by     hitting focus pads and move on to destruction / breaking at the discretion of

   the Instructor.

Q: Do you have designated welfare officers?

      We have safeguarding and welfare officers and their role includes ensuring

      that the NGB safeguarding policy is implemented at club level and to be the        first point of contact for any concerns.


Q: Can I sign up at anytime and how do I go about it?

    We do have arrange enrolment / open evenings at each club throughout the      year, but,  if you miss this you can contact the club Instructor by telephone or      e-mail and arrange a suitable and convenient date for you to visit the club and      join in a taster session.

Q: What would I need to take with me to my first lesson?

    perhaps a drink of water and a great sense of humour!!

Q: What is the T.A.G.B ?

    Stands for The Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain. It is based in the

     UK and is one of the largest single martial arts association in the world. The

     TAGB is affiliated to Tae Kwon-Do International and is a member of the British

    Tae Kwon-Do Council (see below) which is backed by Sport UK.  We have

    regular competitions throughout Great Britain as well as holding European

    and many International Championships.

Q: What is the B.T.C. ?

    Stands for the British Tae Kwon-Do Council and is the National Governing

    Body for Tae Kwon-Do in Great Britain. We follow the policies and

    procedures as laid down by the BTC. All our Instructors are qualified and

    recognised to teach, hold DBS enhanced disclosure certification, current

    first aid certificates and attend Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses.

    The BTC is recognised by various groups, including the Duke of Edinburgh

    Award Scheme.

For any further help or advice please contact us and speak with one of our  Instructors

Office Tel:  01476 570616      Office Mobile: 07496012048

E-mail: info@tkdclubs.com

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